Table of Contents- Masked Knight

 Masked Knight




This novel is a translated Chinese fantasy set in a world of swords and magic.  The original novel, in Mandarin,  is  (变脸武士) by Dancing (跳舞).


In a world where magic and sorcery flourish came a tale of a nobody who grew into a legend. Partake in the conquests and tribulations of a great army where warriors live day-to-day, seeking the thrill of combat.

Experience heart-rending drama and hilarious situations while awaiting the impending arrival of the malevolent evil stirring in the darkest depths of the world…

Journey alongside Rody, a young knight, as he dons a mask of circumstances that is filled with secrets to unravel the mysteries of the universe!

Author: Dancing (跳舞)

Status: 354 Chapters

Translator: Gamer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Warriors and Virgins

Chapter 2 A Failed Robber

Chapter 3 Rich family of the Imperial Capital

Chapter 4 Amorous Surprise Attack

Chapter 5 The Crafty Playboy

Chapter 6 Nicole’s Decision

Chapter 7 Abnormal Family

Chapter 8 Sword Master

Chapter 9 God’s Language

Chapter 10 Nicole’s Secret

Chapter 11 Why Did It Turn Out Like This?

Chapter 12 Rabbit Ears, Donkey Ears

Chapter 13 Young Master’s Gorgeous Servant

Chapter 14 The Masked Person (1)

Chapter 15 The Masked Person (2)

Chapter 16 Reaching a Higher Level

Chapter 17 Charming Visitor At Night

Chapter 18 The Skeleton Can Speak!

Chapter 19 Subversion

Chapter 20 The Voyeur

Chapter 21 Family Degenerate

Chapter 22 The Collosus Randt

Chapter 23 I Did Not Lose

Chapter 24 Skeleton Andy

Chapter 25 Amazing Rumours

Chapter 26 Feigned Illness

Chapter 27 Donkey Ears Exposed

Chapter 28 The Lying Skeleton

Chapter 29 Rich Folk’s Evening Banquet

Chapter 30 Stuck in Gilded Party

Chapter 31 Peerlessly Charming

Chapter 32 Jealous Nicole

Chapter 33 Tear Stained Face of a Beauty

Chapter 34 Sinful Love

Chapter 35 Soul Swap

Chapter 36 Criticism

Chapter 37 Abstain From Women

Chapter 38 Female Might

Chapter 39 Youth’s Aspiration

Chapter 40 Innate Rebellious Spirit

Chapter 41 The Fake Playboy

Chapter 42 Voyeur Skeleton

Chapter 43 A Terrifying Matter

Chapter 44 A Gang of Scoundrels

Chapter 45 Romantic Arena

Chapter 46 Song of an Unrivalled Beauty

Chapter 47 Fierce Fight in the Courtesan Quarters

Chapter 48 Change in Situation

Chapter 49 Imperial Family Guards

Chapter 50 Glory and Disgrace

Chapter 51 Entrusted Important Task

Chapter 52 Night Explorations at the White Tower

Chapter 53 Relic from 200 Years Ago

Chapter 54 Sunflower Treasure

Chapter 55 Horseback Archery Examination

Chapter 56 Impressive Eight Directions

Chapter 57 Inheriting Peerage in the Audience Hall

Chapter 58 A Tragedy

Chapter 59 Lightning God’s Whip

Chapter 60 The Last Hope of the Empire

Chapter 61 A Curious Coincidence

Chapter 62 Farewell Myka

Chapter 63 Old Man Mark 

Chapter 64 Life Saving Treasure

Chapter 65 Glorious Expedition

Chapter 66 Life and Death Look Alike

Chapter 67 The Village

Chapter 68 Night Attack

Chapter 69 Justice

Chapter 70 Before the War

Chapter 71 Fierce Battle at Watt

Chapter 72 Bloodstained Tulip

Chapter 73 Mighty Army

Chapter 74 The Scary Truth

Chapter 75 Unfriendly Banquet

Chapter 76 Long Distance Raid

Chapter 77 Blood Oath

Chapter 78 Knights of Roland

Chapter 79 Holy Light

Chapter 80 Black Veiled Saint

Chapter 81 Changing Roles

Chapter 82 The Beautiful Prisoner

Chapter 83 A Thousand Year Old Tale

Chapter 84 To Never Leave Each Other

Chapter 85 Wolves Attack

Chapter 86 Special Envoy of the Imperial Capital

Chapter 87 Oath to Kill!

Chapter 88 Mysterious Visitor at Night

Chapter 89 Skeleton of the Night

Chapter 90 Reshape Origin

Chapter 91 The Pain of Separation

Chapter 92 Kill Imemdiately

Chapter 93 The Westwood Capital City

Chapter 94 Provocation

Chapter 95 Rebellion

Chapter 96 Stench of Blood in the Setting Sun

Chapter 97 Scoundrels of the Political Circle

Chapter 98 Crusade

Chapter 99 Drawing an Alliance

Chapter 100 Defend

Chapter 101 Assassin Attack

Chapter 102 Journey to the Southeast

Chapter 103 Surprise Attack

Chapter 104 Ten Year Agreement

Chapter 105 The Welcome Ceremony

Chapter 106 The Chaos in the Southeast

Chapter 107 Mutiny

Chapter 108 Negotiation

Chapter 109 Peaceful South Plan

Chapter 110 Chief of the Flame Tribe

Chapter 111 Heavenly Abode of the Mountains

Chapter 112 Prophecy

Chapter 113 Sneak Attack in the Night

Chapter 114 ‘True God’ Kara

Chapter 115 Summit of Evil

Chapter 116 Wuya’s Secret

Chapter 117 Monster

Chapter 118 Gate of the Abyss

Chapter 119 Deep in the Canyon

Chapter 120 Bloodthirsty Spider

Chapter 121 Samsara River

Chapter 122 Wuya’s True Colors

Chapter 123 The Strong Supports the Weak

Chapter 124 Two Drops of Fresh Blood

Chapter 125 Strange Human Faced Lion

Chapter 126 History’s Strongest Fatty

Chapter 127 Powerful Domain

Chapter 128 Dragon Converter

Chapter 129 Dragon Converter (2)

Chapter 130 Super Left Hand

Chapter 131 Mystic Dragon Purge

Chapter 132 The Truth of Gods and Demons

Chapter 133 Fatty Leaves the Mountain

Chapter 134 Imperial Capital’s ‘Good News’

Chapter 135 Tagging Along

Chapter 136 Fierce Battle at Night!

Chapter 137 Absolutely Won’t Yield

Chapter 138 Mad Genius (1)

Chapter 139 Mad Genius (2)

Chapter 140 Proceeding North to the Imperial Capital

Chapter 141 One Becomes Two

Chapter 142 Reborn for Your Sake

Chapter 143 Battle for Imperial Power

Chapter 144 Shadows of Vampires

Chapter 145 Heroic Beautiful Woman

Chapter 146 Go To Hell!

Chapter 147 Blood of Gods

Chapter 148 Petrification

Chapter 149 Myka’s Feelings

Chapter 150 Draw your sword! I am in a hurry!

Chapter 151 Dracula Spear

Chapter 152 Master Autumn

Chapter 153 Sacred Swordsman

Chapter 154 The True Meaning of Swordsmanship

Chapter 155 Crafty Plots

Chapter 156 Rody’s Smile

Chapter 157 Magnificent Reply

Chapter 158 Great Wind Rises

Chapter 159 Assemble in the Imperial Capital

Chapter 160 Skeleton’s Body Change

Chapter 161 Breaking Through!

Chapter 162 To Behead

Chapter 163 God’s Vanquish Spell

Chapter 164 Playing It Big

Chapter 165 The Skeleton Becomes Emperor

Chapter 166 Public Opinion in the Imperial Capital

Chapter 167 The Duke’s Responsibilities

Chapter 168 Creating a Star

Chapter 169 Rise of a Great General

Chapter 170 Sorrows of the Empire

Chapter 171 The First Day

Chapter 172 Testing the Waters

Chapter 173 Achilles’ Heel (1)

Chapter 174 Achilles’ Heel (2)

Chapter 175 Achilles’ Heel (3)

Chapter 176 Combined Sorcery

Chapter 177 Combined Technique

Chapter 178 The Paladin’s Challenge

Chapter 179 Dragon Break

Chapter 180 Dragon Transformation

Chapter 181 Comprehension

Chapter 182 Rody Can Scheme Too

Chapter 183 Die After The War

Chapter 184 New Army

Chapter 185 Rody Appears

Chapter 186 Field Operations (1)

Chapter 187 Field Operations (2)

Chapter 188 Disguise

Chapter 189 Black Veil

Chapter 190 The Tulip Bloomed

Chapter 191 Valiant Warrior

Chapter 192 Prelude to Climax

Chapter 193 Ambiguous

Chapter 194 Too Smart for Your Own Good

Chapter 195 Bitter Then Sweet1 

Chapter 196 Conflict

Chapter 197 Pink Panties

Chapter 198 Heart of Stone

Chapter 199 Adoration

Chapter 200 Confession

Chapter 201 Tit for Tat

Chapter 202 Nicole’s Tender Love

Chapter 203 Strange Visitor From the Imperial Capital

Chapter 204 Legendary Scimitar

Chapter 205 Lake Monster

Chapter 206 Break Out

Chapter 207 Holy Beast, Mythical Beast

Chapter 208 Darke Joins the Group

Chapter 209 Trap

Chapter 210 Taming

Chapter 211 Scoundrel Darke

Chapter 212 Intimate

Chapter 213 The World at the Bottom of the Lake

Chapter 214 Blood of the Sinners

Chapter 215 Staff of Moses

Chapter 216 Hatred

Chapter 217 Special Assignment

Chapter 218 Looking at the Roland Continent!

Chapter 219 At the Sea

Chapter 220 Inhuman

Chapter 221 Evil Rody

Chapter 222 Rapid Kill

Chapter 223 Muddy and Turbid

Chapter 224 Dragon Warriors

Chapter 225 Coincidence

Chapter 226 The First Pontiff

Chapter 227 Complete State

Chapter 228 Rupture!

Chapter 229 Reptiles

Chapter 230 Next

Chapter 231 Rules

Chapter 232 Shackles

Chapter 233 “Love at First Sight”

Chapter 234 Beauty Trap 

Chapter 235 Stunning Beauty – Seth

Chapter 236 Legendary Master